Massive Scam: Giving All Of Us 1000s Of Fake Emails Using Bogus Female Pages

Website Details:


  • 10 credit will set you back £23,99 and assits you send 10 electronic mails.
  • 50 credit costs £65,00 and assits you deliver 50 emails.
  • 100 loans can cost you £179,99 and assits you deliver 100 emails.
  • 200 credits will cost you £419,99 and allows you deliver 200 electronic mails.


The individuals functioning are very conceited, and cocky they believe you are very stupid that you’re going to be seduced by all their lays and deceptions. Within this examination we are going to show how illegitimate and phony MyDailyFling is. This amazing site is certainly not actually near becoming genuine. Just about everyone has the evidence and all sorts of the evidence and now wewill discuss it along with local single you. This is certainly probably shock you because it actually portrays the degree of fraudulence in internet dating world. It is not the only website,  you will find 1000s of adult dating sites similar to this 1. As you will notice method these scammers produce phony online dating services like My frequent Fling then try to snare individuals into purchasing memberships is actually reprehensible. Look at the complete research below.

A Notice In The Homepage Stating That They Incorporate “Fantasy Profiles”

It absolutely was a big shock of how daring these shysters are with regards to admittance that they are generating sham profiles. They admit to it from the website of these web site. Smack-dab in the center of the leading page they usually have a notice you could see circled in red below.

Their own see wishes you to definitely acknowledge that their website contains make believe users and users. They virtually admit they are producing fake dating pages independently internet site, incredible! They even tell us that actual conferences are not possible using these fictitious pages.! not to mention they really want one to accept to all this before you’re permitted to create a profile on there fake hookup web site.

It’s hard to fathom the amount of deception and depends on Whenever we don’t view it with this own two-eyes we’dn’t accept it as true. But as you can tell during the two screenshots below circled in yellow they are freely admitting to making fictitious pages they name “Fantasy Profiles” which happen to be managed by internet site. They also inform us why these “Fantasy Profiles” keep in touch with you for “promotional reasons. Meaning composed profiles send individuals made up imagine electronic mails, all of this will be described thoroughly furthermore down in this fraud document.

(Screenshot regarding website where web site confesses to creating fantasy profile pages.)

(Screenshot on website the spot where the web site acknowledges that they utilize make believe users therefore cannot literally satisfy these fake pages personally.)

We Got 1362 Fake Phony E-mails Tend To Be A Trap To Dupe You Into Upgrading

Here is another big surprise, are you able to think that we was given 1362 email messages while getting an associate on My Daily Fling for less than 14 days?!? that is precisely what took place people, this web site is beyond absurd. As long as they want us to trust that over 1,300 various females emailed us they’re ridiculous. We don’t think that for a minute, we realize it really is all a lie and had been screaming towards the top of our lungs telling the entire world that MyDailyFling is a large fraudulence. And confess regarding front-page of these site that is the function of the web site will be help talk between make believe profiles and consumers. Conversations include the delivering and getting of phony emails from artificial “Fantasy Profiles” your site themselves are creating.

We’ve actually accomplished countless matchmaking ratings and also subjected thousands of artificial online dating services therefore we’ve never obtained 1362 emails on any web site, actually! This fraud moved overboard in trying to deceive us buying credit.

Website accounts for blasting individuals with countless electronic mails for just one cause and that’s they really want one try and communicate by emailing these fake users right back. To be honest you cannot email anyone right back unless you buy loans on the site. Should You Decide look at the very top for this con document you will see the cost of loans, 200 loans costs £419,99. That enables you to deliver 200 emails. We was given 1362 emails whenever we happened to be to respond to all of those emails it might cost us around £2940.00!! This web site is running a massive criminal procedure.

(A screenshot showing that people have obtained 381 electronic mails to date.)

Examples Of Fake Electronic Mails Provided For The Email Inbox

Below we have incorporated screenshots of a really tiny amount of the 1362 emails we’ve gotten so far. The reason why happened to be such as these screenshots is always to present as much proof possible to demonstrate you the way fake and fictitious My personal constant Fling is actually. The very first screenshot is an email from “Esstele” plus her mail she mentions that she’s “really keen on our profile”. The trouble becoming that because you will see our profile is actually blank, we now haven’t published any photos so right off the bat we know that’s a fake mail because if she had it considered our very own profile she would recognize there’s absolutely no pictures so what is actually she attracted to? The solution is she’s interested in nothing due to the fact email messages are not sent from actual women but from phony users. The e-mails themselves are conjured up using software applications products which happen to be instantly sending folks make believe electronic mails. There aren’t any real ladies or any individuals for that matter delivering men and women emails. Things are accomplished automatically utilizing software products.

(display of a bogus email message we obtained.)

 The second emails from Ryann-XXX, “I’m not effortlessly used by men. Im somewhat fussy but I happened to be impressed by what I saw on your profile. You appear to be a really hot man.” Once again this will be a totally fake email message because even as we’ve already mentioned the profile we created for this investigative document doesn’t always have photographs on it so just why is actually she advising us that she was actually impressed by what she saw in our profile?? you’ll find nothing to see in our profile since it does not have any photos.

(Screen of a phony email information we got.)

Next email is from LoveXXLucy_67,  within her mail she states “just be willing to fulfill my personal intimate needs. Oh, my personal i am very horny now. If only you had been right here fuck my sweet juicy vagina.”

We’ve never ever spoken for this feminine in life but she helps it be seem like we some sort of ongoing dialogue which we don’t. This yet again proves that e-mail is wholly fake, its artificial and it is not a genuine girl mailing us.

(monitor of a fake email information we got.)

Listed here is another e-mail from BigLacy. The reason why would she deliver this message to an arbitrary guy that she’s never ever talked prior to. We have now never obtained a single message from BigLacy before but just like the past information she causes it to be look like we some sort of ongoing dialogue. And on leading of that women simply don’t talk in this manner informing all of us  “i’d like gender, need intercourse just what exactly’s maintaining united states”. She does not know very well what we appear to be since do not have a photo within profile so just why would she want to have sex with some body that she doesn’t even know what the look of them is actually. Its all a number of Lies!

(monitor of a phony email message we obtained.)

Proof No Picture Within Profile

And is every profile page. Circled in red it suggests that wen’t even published a single image to your profile page but we have now become 1362 e-mails and that level of e-mails is constantly climbing. Just what girl within right brain would email men who willn’t have a picture in the profile? And after that you have to ask the reason why would 1362 various women email a guy who doesn’t have any photograph in the profile? The solution becoming needless to say it’s all one large facade, it is an illusion that they want you to trust. But we all know the truth, so we’re screaming from the rooftops informing every person not to ever trust There isn’t any method in hell that more than 1,300 ladies messaged men who willn’t have an image on his profile. Logically it generates simply no good sense at all.

(A screenshot your blank profile web page.)

The Stipulations Explains Expose The Entire Fraud!

Below there is an avalanche of proof coming from the stipulations web page. They tell us which they make use of fantasy users. They even inform us which is “some pages on their site tend to be fictitious and also have already been produced and then change communications with”. Additionally they reveal this can be a “fantasy activity service”, which means it’s not a genuine dating internet site. As well as continue to confess it isn’t really their unique intent to determine actuality associations between consumers. It will make no sense, if this was actually a proper website there  entire purpose ought to be to set up true to life connections between consumers. Look for the most important parts of the stipulations page below or you can see clearly directly on the website by pressing this link.

  • We utilize fantasy account to stimulate relationship and talks among consumers.

  • You acknowledge that certain profiles on the site are make believe and they have already been developed and then exchange emails with users so there tend to be four real life group meetings by using these make believe users are therefore difficult.

  • 8. Recreation & Fantasy Service
    • 8.1. Am I going to truly hookup making use of the site? Website is a fantasy entertainment solution for grownups. All pages are supplied the enjoyment your people. It isn’t the intention in the Website to set up real life get in touch with between users of this site.
    • 8.2. Does the internet site usage fictitious profiles? Yes, we use make believe pages for evaluating and behavioral/social scientific studies. A number of the user pages uploaded on the site tend to be make believe, consequently they are connected with our “Fantasy associate” (FM) service.



      1. Original messages from our FM solution can be immediately generated without real involvement, and 3rd party companies chosen or developed by all of us may create messages or communication there after.
      2. You know the details, text, and photographs included in the FM service users cannot pertain to the actual person, but they are incorporated for entertainment purposes merely. Nothing within any FM service profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person—living or dead. Any similarity between FM account explanations and anybody is solely coincidental.
      3. An individual FM are associated with multiple profile on the site.
    • 8.3. Could there be whatever else I need to understand the FM service?



      1. On one or even more occasions, FM pages may get in touch with people through computer-generated messages to encourage further or broader engagement into the Website’s solutions or to keep track of individual activity. These emails is transmitted to numerous recipients while doing so.
      2. You know that no real conference will ever happen between both you and the people providing our FM solution and this the trade of communications between you and the FM is for activity reasons, including to convince additional or wider involvement inside site’s services or perhaps to monitor individual activities. We really do not guarantee that you will obtain a reply to virtually any message you send to a FM or other individual.

    Hosting Server Info:

    • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, United States Of America
    • Internet Protocol Address Of Host:
    • Identify Servers:, ns6.dnsma,,

    Contact Information :

    • Mobile: +31 85 4000597 (09:00 – 17:00)
    • Addresses: Midsummer using the internet B.V.: Zutphenseweg 51, 7418 AH in Deventer, the Netherlands
    • Mail: [email secured]
    • a caution that any charges made on your credit card arise under “ * Midsummer +31854000597 NLD”.
    • Website: Contact Page

    Final Decision:

     My personal frequent Fling the most blatant dating cons we’ve got ever viewed. Getting over 1200 communications when you never have a single image inside profile is beyond phony!. We cracked this con available. So now you understand honest reality!

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    • Contact the Better company Bureau and submit a grievance if you think that you’ve been scammed or cheated.

We use fantasy account to stimulate connection and discussions among people.

You recognize that a few of the users on the internet site tend to be make believe and they’ve got been created only to exchange communications with customers so there are four true to life meetings by using these make believe profiles are therefore impossible.

  • 8.1. Am I going to really hookup using the internet site? Website is actually a fantasy activity service for adults. All profiles are provided the enjoyment of our people. It isn’t the intention of this web site to establish real life contact between people with the internet site.
  • 8.2. Does the internet site utilize make believe pages? Yes, we make use of make believe users for assessment and behavioral/social studies. A number of the user profiles posted on the internet site are fictitious, as they are involving our “Fantasy associate” (FM) solution.



    1. Initial emails from your FM service might be immediately created without human involvement, and third-party technicians chosen or contracted by us may create emails or correspondence there after.
    2. You acknowledge your details, book, and images contained in the FM service pages dont relate to the real individual, but they are included for enjoyment reasons just. Absolutely nothing within any FM service profile is meant to describe or appear like any genuine person—living or dead. Any similarity between FM account descriptions and any person is strictly coincidental.
    3. One FM might be of more than one profile on the site.
  • 8.3. Could there be other things I want to realize about the FM solution?



    1. On one or more events, FM pages may get in touch with people through computer-generated emails to convince more or broader participation from inside the Website’s services or even to keep track of user task. These communications might be transmitted to numerous recipients simultaneously.
    2. You acknowledge that no real conference will ever take place between you and the individuals providing our very own FM service and that the exchange of communications between both you and the FM is for activity purposes, as well as to promote further or broader involvement in the Website’s services or perhaps to monitor individual activities. We do not assure that you’ll obtain an answer to your message you send out to a FM or other user.





Hosting Host Tips:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Hill See, CA, 94043, United States Of America
  • Internet Protocol Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:, ns6.dnsma,,

Email Address :

  • Mobile: +31 85 4000597 (09:00 – 17:00)
  • Details: Midsummer on the web B.V.: Zutphenseweg 51, 7418 AH in Deventer, the Netherlands
  • Email: [email shielded]
  • a warning that any charges produced on your own mastercard will be under “shell * Midsummer +31854000597 NLD”.
  • Website: Get In Touch With Web Page

Final Decision:

 My routine Fling is one of the most blatant matchmaking scams we actually viewed. Obtaining over 1200 emails when you never even have just one photo within profile is beyond artificial!. We cracked this scam available. So now you know the truthful truth!

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