About Us

Due to the extreme complexity of infusion drugs, they require highly specialized services and management for patients to achieve their therapeutic goals.

Safe and effective delivery of these services requires seamless, personalized clinical care provided by multi-disciplinary teams. Healing Bridges Infusion Specialists, in collaboration with the Specialty Infusion Pharmacies and Physicians, have the ability to provide individualized treatment locations with care and expertise.

Our background as a specialty infusion nursing agency allows seamless interaction between physicians, pharmacists, nurses and our patents. Our qualified infusion nurses stay up to date with the latest research and work diligently to offer the best service to all infusion patients.

Why Choose Us?

Dependable and Communicative

At Healing Bridges, we respect our patients’ time and understand the importance of upholding strict medication schedules. We are committed to providing continuous updates to keep our patients informed so they can plan their work and life with ease.

Knowledgeable Experts

We have a deep understanding of disease processes and working knowledge on a wide array of medications. We communicate with the pharmacists and physicians whenever we observe potential interactions with medications and disease processes that may risk patients’ safety. Patient health and medication compliance is our priority.

Gentle Touch 

Healing Bridges is skilled at handling the most complex IV cases including patients with poor venous access with the gentlest touch. We treat our patients with empathy and care.

No veins, No ports, No problem.

High Quality Care 

At Healing Bridges, we center our services around the experience of our patients. With every interaction, we follow strict safety protocols and are committed to the highest quality of care. We are laser focused on patient safety and satisfaction. Avoiding IV related infections and minimizing reactions during IV infusions.

Patient Focused and Flexible

We understand that our patients need flexibility in order to fit in treatments into their busy schedule. On a case-by-case basis, we can see our patients before work or after work. We work with you to make it work.

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