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That’s proper, Hook and Emma are having a baby and, even better, they get to take pleasure in their joyful ending collectively. As it turns out, Officer Rogers — Season 7’s cursed model of Hook — is actually the older and sad Hook from one other realm. “I’ll Be Your Mirror” is the eighth episode of the sixth season of the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, which aired on November 13, 2016. By “The Final Battle Part 2,” Regina had redeemed herself and completed an arc about self-love. Everyone had acknowledged Regina’s modifications, and issues were wanting good.

Regina’s half sister. She went on a date on him to begin with of New York

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Charming has wished a son, however is pleased with the

When the two males return, Hook informs them a couple of sextant on prime of Dead Man’s Peak, which can help decipher Neal’s map, which he and David will be retrieving. David asks Emma to tell Henry that his grandpa loves him and bids her farewell in a heat embrace. After ending the web, they lure a Lost Boy, Devin, into falling into the lure.


Luckily, Elsa convinces Emma to not undergo with the plan, and he’s thwarted. Rumplestilskin continues his mission, undetected, until Belle catches him in the Clock Tower, making an attempt to kill Hook. She banishes him from Storybrooke, and Emma, and all others, believe he is now not a menace.

After Emma and Hook are dragged into Zelena’s time portal, she accepts Storybrooke as her house, regaining her magic to re-open the portal to the present where she begins a relationship with Hook. However, unaware to her, she also brings a previously deceased Maid Marian to the longer term which ruins Regina’s happiness, having not heeded the warning of messing with the past. Elsa, who was trapped in an urn, was also delivered to Storybrooke by the point portal. After a interval of peace, Emma begins to assist Regina on her quest to find the Author of Henry’s book. Cruella De Vil and Ursula soon come into city resurrecting Maleficent and dealing with Rumplestiltskin to search out the actual same writer, intent on giving villains their pleased endings.

Cursed name

Unfortunately, Rumple grabs the potion and decides to freeze Emma’s loved ones. Emma goes to the Black Fairy able to battle, but her powers are gone. The Black Fairy’s attempts to make Emma really feel as if she’s alone start to work. Emma believes the only way could also be to give the Black Fairy her coronary heart. In the season finale, “Operation Mongoose Part 2″(4×22), Emma reveals that she loves Hook to Regina after Hook is “killed” in an alternate universe, which was never actually actual. For Morrison, it is a great opportunity to now play a villain and it is difficult for her to painting a personality that is constantly evolving.


From upstairs, Henry has been eavesdropping and pushes his means into the dialog. Furthermore, Mr. Gold details the spell is the one method Regina can get Henry and the love she craves, but in addition vengeance from Mary Margaret. The twist is, in order to enact the curse, Regina needs the guts of the individual she hates essentially the most, which is clearly Mary Margaret. Mr. Gold believes warning them already fulfills his debt, however Emma reminds him that Henry is his grandson. Coldly, he asserts that wars have prices and considering it is a blood feud that goes back several generations, and the one way to finish it’s to spill more of it by presumably killing Regina.

The Snow Queen/Ingrid (as played by the at all times excellent Elizabeth Mitchell), driven insane by the lack of her two sisters, concocts a plan to make Emma and Elsa (Georgina Haig) her new sisters. She then makes use of the Spell of Shattered Sight, with the intent that each one the inhabitants of Storybrooke kill each other, leaving them as the only three left. To many people, however, they’re going to at all times be Snow White and Prince Charming — and the series was rather less magical without them. ABC’s Once Upon a Time saw a quantity of solid members go away at the finish of Season 6, together with Ginnifer Goodwin. It was an various choice to the darkish retelling of Alice in Wonderland and different “updated” fairy tales. Rest straightforward, Captain Swan ‘shippers, because this ‘ship hasn’t sunk but.

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That doesn’t translate to blind obedience however careful consideration of the opinion that belongs to an important person in your life. Meanwhile, Henry and Regina have been trying to determine how to break the spell on Marian. Henry wanted to take a break from that to help Regina with Operation Mongoose. Henry realized that Rumple should have discovered a way to change the storybook since he was so pleased with Belle. Emma and Regina are shown to drop Henry off at his bus cease, and Emma later makes Hook deputy sheriff.