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Backyard accessory dwelling units (ADU) are increasing in popularity, demand for these types of buildings is skyrocketing in California and other places. This is due to new laws that make the permitting process easier and faster, and allows these buildings to be built in more places. The product doesn’t end at the Casita, we have engineered an entire building system where https://forexarticles.net/encyclopedia-of-chart-patterns/ different sized room modules stack and connect to create most building type on the planet. The Casita can be set up in someone’s backyard in less than a day. It can also be used to make multi story apartments, workforce housing, affordable housing, military housing and more. The product includes washer, dryer, fridge, stove, bathroom, kitchen, electric, HVAC and more.

  • This means in the future our potential total attainable market size is very large.
  • After the Casita is rolled out successfully we will introduce different sized room modules that stack and connect to build almost any building almost anywhere on the planet.
  • We have created a system where we mass produce standardized room modules that stack and connect in the field.

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We think we have proven our ability to execute, and now want to take things to the next level by building a “Boxzilla Factory” the world’s largest and most advanced housing factory. Kyle is the senior engineer leading development of the Boxabl technology. A graduate in Engineering from Stonybrook University he holds over 20 civil engineering and automotive mechanical patents. Galiano is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several successful startups. Notably, a cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin ATM network that was founded in 2014 and later sold. He also operated a large marijuana cultivation and processing facility in Northern California before moving to Las Vegas to pursue Boxabl full time.

The Boxabl Casita should be more durable, energy efficient, higher quality and more upscale than traditional buildings. All our testing indicated these are stronger, safer and more sustainable buildings. Experienced management team with proven track record of project construction and operation, financing, capital markets and M&A. An industrial designer and mechanical engineer Paolo holds over 150 patent filings which have generated more than $1billion in retail sales. He has funded Boxabl to date through his intellectual property investment company 500 Group.

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Efficient factories thrive on repeatability, they can’t build custom. But because our system stacks, connects and more, we get endless building types. After we solved the shipping problem, we moved on to the building materials used and the manufacturing processes.

Now that we have proven the basics in our first factory we seek to SCALE. Boxabl makes sense because our shipping solution enables scaled factory mass production. We are now planning to build the worlds largest and most advanced factory. If we get our way, this factory will be millions of square feet and produce tens of thousands of room modules. This goes far beyond Casita and includes a full building system that can build most residential building types.


We have received interest from customers for Casitas that will far exceed our ability to supply product for the next several years. It’s a great time for our 20×20 product because California laws have recently changed to create a booming market for accessory dwelling units. In the future we intend to go public through IPO, SPAC, or direct listing. Boxabl is a new way to build housing that’s better, faster, lower cost and can help solve the housing crisis. We are now seeking to raise $1 billion dollars to make upscale housing affordable for everyone.

comment investir en bourse

Many groups from across the globe have reached out to us and said, “Boxabl is a perfect solution for a huge need it my market, can we have a factory”. We have partnered with Porsche Consulting, a Subsidiary of Porsche AG, to build houses the way Porsche builds cars. That means leveraging 80+ years of Porsche manufacturing expertise and over 600+ professionals to set up a Boxabl factory using automation, robotics, and assembly line principles. Porsche reviewed all our factory plans, made recommendations on our labor needs, factory layouts, timed processes down to the minute and more. They are our trusted advisors to guide Boxabl and all future Boxabl factory partners. The partners will bring their capital, labor and local market knowledge to setup and operate closely monitored factories.

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Since we are building in a factory, we don’t have to do it using old stick frame methods. We have solved a massive amount of problems from manufacturing all the way to installation of the buildings. After the Casita is rolled out successfully we will introduce different sized room modules that stack and connect to build almost any building almost anywhere on the planet. We think our product is a solution for a large portion of the worldwide housing market.

If the builder chooses, they can add decks, architectural finishings and different roof pitches. Beyond the ADU market, is general building construction. The planned Boxabl building system should be able to construct almost any building type. This means in the future our potential total attainable market size is very large.

Use of funds for our $1b capital raise is to setup this factory. We think this kind of scale can push costs down to a level the world never considered possible. These universal building boxes would get the heavy lifting done for the developer. Their build time would be dramatically shortened and costs lowered. This is so important because we get to mass produce the same rooms in a few sizes and internal configurations.

It is turnkey, ready to go, just add your bed and couch. In 2020 we started raising money from investors to build a new type of house factory, we did just that. We turned on Factory-1 and Factory-2 in record time… and now we have shipped hundreds of houses. We founded Boxabl in 2017 and have invested over $2,000,000 of our own money into engineering and research to develop what we believe is the world’s greatest building system.

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Metaverse : une bonne opportunité d’investissement ?.

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The Boxabl mothership in Nevada will continue to grow and develop upgrades to the product and manufacturing process and share this with our partners on an ongoing basis. Our first product is a 20′ x 20′ pre-fab studio apartment that unfolds from a shipping container size. It is fully finished in the factory, this means kitchen, bathroom, electric, HVAC and everything else. We can install it in any customer’s backyard in about an hour.

Partnership with Porsche Consulting

This includes, multi family, single family residential, disaster relief, military, workforce housing, and much more. What we have created are not simply finished buildings. We have created a system where we mass produce standardized room modules that stack and connect in the field.

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